0 Three Lifesaving Diet Tips for Weight Loss Results

There is a lot of misinformation out there on how to lose weight through proper dieting. The best way to understand what is effective it to consider the fundamentals and basics of weight loss. Firstly, you lose weight when you have a caloric deficit. A total deficit of 3,500 calories will result in a single pound weight loss. There are many variables that will factor into how quickly and effectively you lose weight though. Take a look at these three tips and think about how they may help you if implemented into your dieting regimen.

Three Lifesaving Diet Tips for Weight Loss

1) Re-Consider That Cheat Meal

Any cheat meal or cheat food can set you back quite a bit. For instance, if you have a piece of cake with 500 calories then that is not simply justified as 500 calories out of your deficit. You will have consumed 500 calories more on that day than you would have otherwise. This is a seventh of a pound that would have been lost. So, to still lose that seventh of a pound you must continue on and get a 500 calorie deficit. If you had avoided the cake, you would have been able to achieve a 1,000 calorie deficit in the same amount of time. This means that you are technically paying double for any extras that you take in, so seriously think before allowing yourself to slip-up on your diet.

2) Have That Cheat Meal

This may seem like a hypocritical statement, but sometimes that piece of cake is actually good. After months of dieting, your body will have adjusted to the way that you are eating and the caloric deficit will become negligible. Having a cheat meal or cheat day will shock the body and make it have to re-adjust. This will allow you to lose weight more effectively at this point. This may be scheduled, but you should generally wait until you are noticing that your weight loss results have slowed down before you unnaturally hamper them.

3) Re-Evaluate Your Diet

Creating a diet that works is one step in the right direction, and then following through with it is another. However, everyone will reach a plateau eventually and many do not realize why. Here is one idea: your maintenance amount was 2,000 calories and you dieted for four months at 1,750 calories, after losing a substantial amount of weight your maintenance amount is now 1,775 calories. If this occurs, you will no longer be able to achieve noticeable results by keeping with the same diet plan. So, simply re-evaluate your diet once you reach a plateau.

Successful dieting not the easiest thing in the world, but it is also not rocket science. It requires you to have a good understanding on the fundamentals of dieting for weight loss purposes. If you know what foods you should eat, when you should eat, and you stick to it…then you will definitely notice some great weight loss results. However, it is a lengthy process and you have to keep up to date with your progress. Ultimately, these three tips will help just about everyone at some point in their weight loss diet as they are faced at some point in any weight loss journey.


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