1 Does Running Burn Fat Fast?

Does Running Burn Fat Fast?

A lot of people are getting hooked on running as a form of exercise. Why not? People of all ages from all walks of life can do it. And besides, it really is quite easy. You just put on your running shoes, warm up, turn on and listen to your iPod, and start running. You can run around your neighborhood, the park, or if you have a treadmill, you can just sweat it out right in the comfort of your home. The question now is, does running burn fat fast? Does it help you shed some weight?

What you need to understand first is that when you go running, your body uses fat and carbohydrates as fuel. The amount of the fat and carbs you burn when you run will depend on how intense and how fast you run. For workouts that use high-intensity running, your body will use the most immediate available source of energy which is carbs. For longer runs though, your body will tap fat as a source of energy. That being said, it's easy to deduce that doing a lot of slow running will burn fat fast, but this is actually false. Using fat as fuel for energy doesn't really mean you're losing fat. In fact, it doesn't really matter what fuel your body uses when running. The fact is, the calories you burn must be greater than the calories you ingest. This is called "caloric deficit". Achieving this is the only time when you're more likely to lose weight. And one means to lose weight is by running at a high intensity, like those used in HIIT or high intensity interval training.

Does Running Burn Fat Fast?

What you need to remember though is that constantly running at high intensity may backfire on you. Yes, it's understandable that you want to burn fat fast or lose weight as soon as possible, but injuring and overworking yourself won't exactly help. It's best if you run at high intensity for just a few minutes, then rest in order to allow your body muscles to heal. It's also important that you take at least day off from running to allow your body to recover. It's also advisable that you vary the intensity and length of your runs so that you won't eashly get tired or bored of your workout routine.

Does Running Burn Fat Fast?

So high intensity running does help burn fat fast, but what about low intensity training? Well, it does help burn fat but not as fast and effective as high intensity workouts. Then again, variety is the key to burning fat without risking yourself for any injuries or fatigue. Mix it up by doing some workout of varied intensities such as power walking, then jogging, then running, and then sprinting. Remember though, to burn fat fast means to run at the maximum pace that you're able to sustain for the longest possible time. Make sure though that afterwards, you're breathing hard but still able to talk. That's when you know you've raised intensity as well as your metabolism. Once you know that you've achieved stamina and endurance to such speed and intensity, readjust your workout by adding more distance or time.


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