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For many people, improving muscle definition is their main fitness goal. Clearly, how you workout, the exercises you perform are hugely important in achieving this, but less commonly understood is the role played by diet and nutrition. The equation is fairly simple, for better definition you need to intake a sufficient number of calories but reduce the amount of fat in your body.

What you eat is important but equally important is the ratios of the food groups that you intake. Below are some general guidelines and tips on how much of each type of food you should eat for optimum muscle definition workouts.

5 Muscle Definition Tips
Tip 1

Carbohydrates should be the main constituent of your diet if you want to maximise muscle definition. Try to aim for around 50-60% of your total daily calories to be made up from carbohydrates in accordance with the amount of exercise you will be undertaking.

Tip 2

Proteins are also important as these are key to the building of muscle. Around a quarter of your diet should be made up of lean protein which will help your body to develop muscle. Good sources if lean proteins include fish, chicken, beef and eggs, although you may also want to consider beans, lentils and peas if you don’t want to overdo the meat.

Tip 3

Whilst it is important to minimise the fat in your diet your body still needs it to generate energy and carry on running efficiently. Your fat intake should be around 20-30% of your total calories but as with proteins try and find sources of good fats, not saturated fats found in many processed foods.

Tip 4

As you are trying to increase your muscle definition it is important to gain maximum worth from the foods you eat. This is why nutrient dense foods can be extremely helpful. Nutrient dense foods include kale, berries, spinach and broccoli although once again beans and pulses are also worth investigating.

Muscle Definition Tips
Tip 5

As well as what you eat it is important to consider when you eat. whilst three square meals a day was good enough for the Royal Navy, if you are trying to improve muscle definition the general rule of thumb is to eat little and often. You may want to consider up to six smaller meals spread throughout the e day. This ensures your body’s metabolism is working efficiently, can burn fat faster and hence increase muscle definition.

Hopefully these tips will help you find a diet that supports your fitness goal of defining muscles. By paying close attention to the foods you eat and twinning them with your workouts it is possible to achieve your goals.


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